Wireless Rainbow Gaming Keyboard Gaming Keyboard 61 Keys RGB

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Wireless Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

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Are you tired of using a boring keyboard to play games or manage your company?

Give yourself the most luxurious gaming keyboard available. Its Wireless Rainbow Gaming Keyboard uses the most advanced technology to give you an engaging and functional device that will boost your productivity while allowing you to indulge in your interests. There are also the keys of 61 or 73 according to whether you’d like the addition of macro keys or media keys, or navigation keys.

This keyboard with wired connections features a rainbow backlight, and every key has a separate control. Most of the keys can be removed. It comes with 63 macro-programmable keys to allow intricate actions while gaming. The layers can be stored in groups of five keys, as well as keys that can be reconfigured to do various tasks. A wired keyboard is an ideal option for PC Gamers, and it can also be a great alternative for those who work in various areas like marketing, sales, finance media, education, and more.

Display your fashion and express yourself

With our wireless gaming keyboard. The gaming keyboard is great for those looking for an individual touch. With 61 keys, there are plenty of choices to play with. You can personalize it using your favorite layouts and color combinations. You will not only love the bright rainbow and seven pre-programmed backlight effects. It also comes with a small design that will not take up much of the space on your desk as it is able to run high-pressure flows.

Our wireless gaming keyboard provides simple access to all the keys you need including shortcuts and media controls that let you browse the internet, check your email or engage in online chat without slacking off. The slim gaming keyboard is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, and PCs with Bluetooth technology. It has an elegant, bright rainbow-colored background that allows you to play with class.

Sport with fashion

This Wireless Rainbow Gaming Keyboard and its backlit keys. LED lighting is available in eight different colors to help you stay connected without the hassle of cables. This keyboard is compatible With Windows Vista and later and Mac OS X 10.7 and later versions. It is a great keyboard for users looking for a keyboard that is suitable for gaming.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for PC Notebook / Laptop. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Highly rated by EK43, the world’s very most advanced wireless mechanical keyboard. In addition, the keyboard’s keys are constructed of Pure Silver technology. This keyboard is 60% of the size and smaller than Zippo’s keyboard. It is also slimmer than Zippo stylish, and more trendy. It is ideal for avid gamers who enjoy smaller keyboards and prefer to carry them around everywhere.

The perfect balance between gaming performance and use for everyday purposes.

With a rainbow of colors to keep you focused in times of tough play. Its compact design makes this keyboard equipped with nine multimedia keys that give you rapid access to play and pause tracks and skip tracks, change the volume, etc. When you’re managing an attack or battling players in the MOBA game, the keyboard is efficient and provides fast-fire commands during battle to ensure your team is just one step ahead of your rivals.

The genius design and the craftsmanship come together to create the stunning rainbow that is this stunning gaming keyboard. When you type, the rainbow will encourage you to become the best player you can be, and the Bluetooth feature allows you to join your computer to any device with a cable that’s nearby.

Solid ABS construction and an aluminum stand

The keyboard was built from scratch to satisfy your gaming needs. With its anti-ghosting feature, along with macro keys, you will be able to unlock your full potential when playing those combos and getting high APM. The keyboard will last for over six months on one charge!

The roaring toys of the modern, therefore, prepare for a snoozy game with this Wireless Rainbow Gaming Keyboard. This vibrant keyboard has small dimensions and easy keypads that make it simple to use while on the go, as well as when you’re playing around during your lunch breaks at work. Bluetooth connectivity makes it simple to connect to your devices for seamless streaming.

Your personal “Radiant” keyboard with backlighting

Whether in the silence of your bedroom or in the midst of a fierce battle, regardless of the quiet or glory in the heated battle, is always your all the time by your side. A stylish appearance, particularly ideal for gamers, made in combination with wired as well as wireless(Bluetooth) dual connection, extremely simple to use. Every keystroke will give you a unique lighting effect.

Our wireless gaming keyboard with the rainbow is a full-sized gaming keyboard that is small, comfortable, sturdy, and simple to carry around. It allows you to type on your laptop or computer using functions keys, numeric keys, Control keys, and Arrow keys high on the keyboard. It can be put in the bag quickly. It can control the volume and change the music, pause or play the video or any other app using FN or any of the F1-F12 keys separately. To connect your MacBook, go to Bluetooth settings and search for the device’s name (the same as the one typed in BLE). Enter code 0000 and utilize it for the keyboard on your laptop (if you don’t have the windows folder on your device, you can assign hotkeys).

Compact Design

Ergonomic Design Ultra-thin and light, extremely convenient to carry wherever you go. RGB Backlit: 11 modes RGB Backlit. The effect is multi-scrolling and colorful. Pressure Resistance: Pollution and oil-proof, not easy to get stuck, provide a long-lasting experience. Pollution resistance: 98% of dust and water could be blocked by a keyboard cover. Anti-skidding design. Wireless or wired It supports USB Wired Connection which lets you select between Wired and Wireless. The Led Light Bar Supports seven levels of LED commutation power, which can be switched off via FN + F12 buttons. Cherry MX Premium Keycap: Reducing the force required to press. The highest quality alloy + enamel makes it last forever anti-rust and won’t fade.

Be prepared for an exciting gaming experience. It comes with a complete RGB backlit keyboard that lets you play just like the pros. The aluminum-alloy body and double-injected rubber feet provide stability and elegance. Enjoy the ease of hands-free chat using the 3D earpiece that can be detached.

Get the sleek, compact style and RGB lighting.

To be the focal point at any gaming gathering! It is sure to be the star of any gaming party! Rainbow Gaming Keyboard is a 60 percentage layout keyboard for PCs with a full line of view, which means all keys are within reach, regardless of how fast your fingers use them. It is just as comfy as a high-end keyboard; everyone at all levels will appreciate its tiny footprint.

Giving a new edge to your gaming experience, it’s the Lico Wireless Rainbow Gaming Keyboard has a matte appearance with rainbow backlight effects in the form of bright shades.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

A stylish keyboard that provides you with a wide range of colors while playing games. Created by PC gamers, it is sturdy and flexible to be used for a long period of time and offers you an amazing feel and experience. You can pick your personal style and relish the thrill of playing. (The rainbow is randomly generated. Every key has six lights).

You can satisfy your gaming needs with this mechanical keyboard wireless. Its ultra-thin body is 0.30 inches thick, and its built-in trackpad acts as a substitute for a mouse. It comes with ten multimedia keys and three modes keys to allow for rapid customization. The keyboard is compatible with Windows 10 and 8 and Macs.

It is designed to help gamers get back their competitive edge.

Thanks to its low-positioned keys, it gives you the speed of reaction required to be used by normal eSports players, allowing you to increase your performance. It’s Rainbow Gaming Keyboard 6000’s easy installation, and sturdy construction make it an ideal option for those looking to buy a new gaming keyboard or if you’re looking to make a change over the existing one.

Make your game come alive literally. With an amazing backlit that can be changed to 25 different color modes, six distinct lighting effects, and over 30 preset color options, our gaming Rainbow keyboard will take your game to the next level. The ergonomic and attractive design offers that competitive edge and comes with fully adjustable settings.

Make a commitment to experience A new game experience.

With This Wireless Keyboard! [61 keys] You’ll be able to enjoy the experience of playing with this game keyboard. This wireless keyboard has 61 keys. Mechanical rainbow switches keyboard sleek and elegant design. You can play games and edit documents without hassle. The feeling of your grasp is beautifully practical and long-lasting. Twelve multimedia keys provide an easy and smooth operation. The battery will also last forever to be used.

Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard with a wireless or wired connection. It is compatible with PC, MAC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. RGB backlit keyboard with luxury design: Digital RGB lets your personality shine through to all! You can enjoy the lighting in the rainbow and customize it to your preference. Gaming Keypad, infinite customization possibilities: This gaming keyboard provides a wide 00 as well as 350 keys and allows you to you can set all sorts of multimedia shortcuts and never leave the game.

Bring your game up a notch.

For your laptop, desktop, or media center, use this highly customizable top-quality Rainbow Gaming Keyboard. The keys with a rainbow backlight provide stunning illumination and provide users with the tools they require to be successful, such as the ability to adjust brightness or speed for the lighting and colors, as well as five levels of intensity on the keyboards that are mechanical. A compact keyboard with USB as well as Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect up to thirty feet.

This GK100 is an ideal option for those who are looking for performance and aesthetics. It is packed with top features. this keyboard has a classic mechanical feel that guarantees effortless and precise keystrokes. It is enhanced by the comfortable and rich sound that is provided by the vibrant rainbow-colored backlighting. Experience the best quality game experience without compromising on style.

The wireless keyboard isn’t intended for only gamers.

It has a number of beneficial features, allowing users to play and work comfortably. The keyboard comes with an Anti-Ghosting feature that guarantees each keystroke will be accurately identified regardless of how many keys are being used at the same time. The ultra-quiet operation lets you write as quickly as you’d like without worrying about annoying clicking sounds. The Sleep Timer function lets you set a timer that can be up to 20 minutes in advance, guaranteeing that your computer is shut down safely when it is idle.

When you purchase the Rainbow Gaming Keyboard, you’ll receive all the vibrant action you need to get your keyboard into action. Its compact design means it is easy to transport from one location to the next.

Wherever you go at it, the bright backlight of rainbow hues will grab your attention!

Check it out and discover! The unique design of this keyboard is entirely handcrafted from top-quality material. The blue and red backlight will illuminate once you shut the lid of your notebook, but only for a brief time. Could it be the radiance of love?

Change your life and design by using your Rainbow Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is compact and has a rainbow LED light that shines on both sides, giving you the chance to display your personality in a more attractive manner. This Rainbow Gaming Keyboard is much smaller than the majority of gaming keyboards in its category, making it more convenient to carry around wherever you’re headed. 


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