Tactical Cooler Backpack Soft Cooler Bag 35 Cans 100% Leakproof

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Tactical Cooler Backpack

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This Soft Cooler Bag

35 cans of 100% leakproof Cooler Backpacks 600D Waterproof Insulation Bag for Picnic Backpacks that includes a cooler for wine bottles. The cooler features a unique separator that separates the cold and hot areas. It will help you feel more comfortable with it in your back.

Made of 600D waterproof oxford cloth, this 35-cans and leakproof 100% soft cooler bag comes with a removable thermal layer made of plastic that will store 2-3 days of fresh food, as well as keep it cool during the summer months. Practical and stylish The design is not just for beach trips or other outdoor activities; however, it can also be used for work, school, and shopping. Choose from three attractive colors to complement your personal style!

This Backpack Cooler offers the most stylish way to enjoy a picnic or hike and enjoy a great time with your loved ones and family. It weighs less than 3lbs, and its ultra-lightweight design makes it easy to carry for any trip. Made from top-quality 600D materials and with an opening that is wide enough to allow for greater convenience (it can be as large as 35 cans), This water-resistant cooler bag isn’t just robust but also comes with an attractive design. If you’re heading towards the shore, going for a day of adventure in the park, or simply going on an excursion, this 35-can Picnic Backpack is perfect for you!

The leakproof soft cooler bag is the ideal replacement for hard coolers.

It gives you a lot of flexibility to accommodate different types of options like picnics and traveling, BBQ parties, fishing, camping, and more. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this cold-packing bag is waterproof and tough. It can accommodate more than 35 cans and remains lightweight(about 1.5kg).

Soft Cooler Bag has two layers of insulation. It also has a 3M thermal reflective lining between the fabrics that help keep your drinks longer. Like most big capacity coolers. Bags, Soft Cooler Bag is composed of a fabric that is more durable and durable than PEVA.

It’s now possible to ensure that your food stays fresh throughout the day by packing it into this cooler bag. It’s constructed from durable 600D polyester and is surrounded by a waterproof coating that can keep it ice-cold for up to 10 hours. It comes with two velcro straps on the two sides of the bag to easily fold it up. Ideal for school, work, gym, travel, and work. It is also great for tailgating events and picnics with the family or hunting trips.

Your search ends here. This is the most popular Cooler Bag that you can find, and we’re standing by it. You’ll be back for more purchases because we are constantly developing new designs and colors every season.

The most durable and leakproof lunchbox backpack you could get your hands on!

Don’t miss another enjoyable day because your picnic will be spoilt by a hot lunchbox. The portable picnic bag lets you take your meals outdoors in comfort and keep your food cool while avoiding unnecessary trips to the fridge.

A portable cooler that can be used for beverages like juice, beer, milk, and other food items. Its five-layer insulation technology is awe-inspiring in its performance. It’s more durable than lunch boxes made of plastic. The top layer of foam board is Thermo conductive, which may be used to absorb temperatures outside. If the ambient temperature is high, the material will cool down. When the temperature outside is low, then the foam board will warm up. This insulated thermal bag can maintain an even and low temperature.

This is a fantastic bag that’s well-designed, easy to use, comfortable, and will keep your drinks cool for all hours of the day. It’s made of top-quality materials; it keeps my water chilled throughout the day, is simple to carry around, and is simpler to clean. It does the job well and is a great fashion item. It comes with a large pocket inside which you can carry many items. The outside pocket is ideal for storing your key or phone.

Absolutely leakproof refrigerator-safe cooler

A bag that’s perfect for any outdoor occasion or to keep your food and drinks cool at home. The soft lunch bag, which is insulated, is big enough to accommodate at least 36 cans, plus 1 liter of ice packs or bottled water. It has padded and insulated straps for backpacks that permit users to carry the bag hands-free. It can also be used as a comfy picnic backpack. It has a divider plate that can be used to separate food items and a mesh pocket that is located on the inside of the front, which can be removed. The shoulder strap with padding can be adjusted and easily hooks on strollers, which means you can go out with your loved ones for an afternoon at the park or on a weekend getaway.

100% leakproof, Insulated can cooler 600D water-resistant picnic backpack for men. Double stitching for added toughness. Portable and lightweight, ideal for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, office picnics, etc.

Its Lunch Cooler Bag can serve as a lunch bag or a picnic backpack and a beverage container. Its capacity is 35 cans (30 300ml cans). It’s perfect for trips such as fishing, camping, tailgating, boating, or just to keep your drinks and food cool. The liner that is removable is leakproof and is made from FDA Food Grade LDPE, which will keep food cool all day long for as long as 24 hours. Its 600D PVC lining renders it stain-proof, waterproof, easily cleaned, and drip-proof, so you can use it for drinking without concern about spills.

Like the TV shows seen on television, our soft cooler backpacks have been designed to do multiple jobs!

This backpack with 36 cans is ideal for long hours in the pool or at the beach. This ultra-soft backpack, which is insulated and has a shoulder stand, is perfect for picnics, hiking, outdoor sports, and travel. The insulated lining is leakproof and insulated. PEVA liner keeps contents cool for up to nine hours (some reviews will confirm this). The 600D waterproof Soft Cooler Bag is designed to be your trusted partner wherever you go. This way, you will enjoy more enjoyment from your outdoor adventures, and it’s more than an extra backpack for coolers or a lunch bag! The large main compartment has an extra-large front pocket that includes a mesh carry pouch as well as side pockets with mesh. They are perfect for storing foods, drinks, and other kitchen utensils. A high-quality waterproof barrier and zipper seals provide additional protection from the elements and ensure that there are no leaks or wetness! A padded shoulder strap that wicks moisture ensures the best comfort and ergonomics while wearing. Whatever you want to do, take this soft cooler bag at home for the task!

Our coolers are ideal for any outdoor activity, like hiking, traveling to the beach, camping, and fishing. It’s easy to carry using two straps for the shoulder. The bag is big enough to fit 35 cans (or 18 cans plus 12 tiny containers in drinking water) inside, but it is compact enough that it won’t take up many spaces when empty. The bag has multiple compartments to let you keep the things you need to keep in your bag, such as dry food or personal items. Additionally, there are four squares with a flat bottom and cork insulation that will keep your drinks and food cold for more than one day.

Let’s face it: the typical lunch bag isn’t the best. It’s not well-insulated, and it isn’t able to withstand all the weather elements, and you’ll have to carry half of your lunch at home. This is why we designed the soft cooler bags that are suitable for both genders to help you pack your lunch for the road, a luxurious experience!

The cooler bag in this can is constructed from top-quality materials.

The cloth is durable and waterproof and will not deform. The thermal insulation is impressive. It is possible to store food and drinks for long periods in the cooler bag, and it is very convenient to carry items you need to drink. The material has been approved by SGS certification. It is eco-friendly. Bamboo fibers are used to make this backpack for picnics. It’s which is odorless and non-toxic when fresh. A well-designed zipper keeps the freezing cold from getting both inside and out of the bag for lunch.

This is a high-end backpack; the Cooler Bag is well-insulated to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool. It’s the most important accessory you buy for your next beach day or barbecue.

If you’re in search of the most durable, large capacity, robust insulated bag that is able to stand up to the toughest circumstances and still keep your items cool and cool, then you’ve found the right product. This backpack is perfect for those who plan to hike on a trail carrying all of their necessities and wish to take along snacks and drinks to fuel their efforts. It features two side pockets that are self-molded for cups or bottles, so you are able to access your beverage anytime you need. The lunchbox compartment is available so that you can take it with your lunch and other snacks. The duffel bag is flexible and is a bag that holds a lot of cans. Make use of this cooler backpack to go on outdoor adventures like fishing trips, sports events and beach excursions, tailgating parties, as well as picnics. Every outdoor event!

Create a name for yourself with this state-of-the modern

Soft Cooler Bag, which keeps your drinks chilled even when you leave them in the sunshine. With the capacity of 35 cans, the bag is large enough to store everything from school textbooks to food items. With an 8-inch zipper that is insulated and double stitching made of metal, the robust cooler bag is built to withstand everything your throw at it, literally. If you don’t want to use this bag to meet your requirements, you can make it a great weekend tripper.

Our bag is one of the most useful soft cooler bags, with 35 cans that you’ll find. Avoid cheap fakes. Only this bag will keep your drinks cool and protect them from spills. This bag is ideal for families or events that last for a whole day or TSA certified for travel for a trip to the ocean or to any hot location. The compression technology will keep this sturdy cooler bag insulated for up to 40 hours at a freezing temperature of zero. A double freezer layer keeps all your food fresh, even on hot days. The image above illustrates how large 35 cans fit in the container and how many ice cubes will be enough to keep it cool. 44 cubes (15cm

The soft cooler bags hold as many as 35 cans of alcohol or drinks. The thermal bag can keep the contents cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. It’s made of tough Oxford material, with zipper closure, waterproof and leakproof. This means that the food, drinks, or ice does not melt on a road trip or hiking journey, or going to a beach park.

Are you in search of the perfect present for your loved ones, friends, and colleagues?

Are you a sportsperson or a woman? This backpack with a thermal design can keep food items at a certain temperature, which makes it the ideal partner for all of your outdoor pursuits. You can put your beverages, food, and drinks in the cooler bag with a capacity of 35 cans and carry them with you wherever. Make sure your hands are free to transport everything using an adjustable strap for your shoulder and look stylish!

It is easy to transport 100 cans of beverages in your cooler. You don’t have to spend money on bags that are less expensive, weak, and easily leaky bags. A more durable backpack of 35 liters with 600D water-resistant polyester fabric as well as walls that are thick to keep water out. The inside fabric is waterproof and similar to the materials used for the beach canopy. Straps that can be adjusted for shoulder comfort and carrying. The bag is not only for cooling purposes but as well as for storing food items that are cold to take on picnics or hot food to carry around. Its great size and value make this an excellent item that is a must-have in every home.

Made to keep food warm or cold, This thermal bag is ideal for picnics, excursions to the beach and nightclubs, parks, or any other sporting event. It can accommodate about 35 cans and is able to be carried by handles, ripped off with an elongated shoulder strap, or made mobile with backpack straps that detach. It keeps drinks cool all day long at temperatures as high as 45 degrees or warm for up to eight hours at temperatures as low as 10 degrees F.

With two separate polyurethane-insulated pockets

You can keep a hot drink or hot food warm for long periods of time, and cold drinks will never heat up. No matter how much space you can store between, you will be able to ensure that everything is contained within the specific compartment. If you’re going to hike or simply camping to relax the outdoors, this bag is the perfect companion with a capacity that can hold 35 cans while still not weighing too much on the shoulders. This bag guarantees you a comfortable separation from your ground, while the lid of the dome ensures your body is kept dry and cool.



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