Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover Car Steering Wheel Cover

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Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover

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Made from high-quality synthetic wool

Non-slip and soft fit Our knitted fabric steering wheel cover is an absolute must-have in the winter months to ensure your hands are warm while driving. For the car and car lovers, you know. The sunflower design can make your car appear better than it already looks.

If you decide to add it as an infant gift or even use it to treat yourself, this beautiful Car Steering Wheel Cover is an elegant touch. The stylish and sleek sunflower design is soft and comfortable on the hands. The car accessories are light and breathable. They are also super soft and non-slip. They are able to flex whether it’s hot or cold and won’t shrink. The wide elastic allows for a secure fit around different kinds of steering wheels.

If you’re looking for the top high-quality steering wheel cover, you should consider this steering wheel cover made of Sunflower. Like your favorite sweater during the winter, this one is sure to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the summer. It’s ideal for your vehicle, truck, van, or SUV and can last for quite a long time (Years). The covers we offer are made from top-quality materials in the marketplace.

Excellent Design, Excellent and High-Quality Design

100 100% Brand New Never used or installed car steering wheel cover. Made from Natural Neoprene Material #Please verify the size prior to your purchase! This cover only fits the 14”~15.5 car steering wheel. It will not fit a 16” x 18 car steering wheel.

If you are a lover of travel and you possess an elegant attitude to life, This cover for your steering wheel is precisely what you want. It is stylish and comfy and will make you feel happy driving. Amazing, stylish, and youthful design in your vehicle. As sunflower blossoms out from the desert, let your car be a beacon of sunshine and love everywhere!

If you’re a lover of floral accessories, your car must have these exquisite automobile steering wheel covers! The cover fits all standards and sports wheel easily. Simply extend the cover from the center up to the circumference of the steering wheel. A nice warm and comfortable feel to your fingers. Made of Neoprene with bumpers inside, it provides additional protection for your hands during cold temperatures. Short exposure to the sunlight will allow it to bring back the original black color. A perfect decoration for your car or as a special gift to your loved ones or friends!

Put on your sleeves, put them on and relax before you begin knitting!

The Car Steering Wheel Cover is a set of coasters that are 2 pieces for the steering wheel of your car. They’ll keep your hands warm in the winter months and also add the perfect accent to your vehicle’s interior during summer. Since they are knitted by hand, each coaster is distinctive and gorgeous. It is easy to put them on, and the elasticity keeps them firmly in place perfect.

You can make your car more comfortable and secure by installing A Car Automatic Steering Wheel Cover. It not only makes driving in cold weather more efficient, but it also makes more efficient driving at the same time.

Let’s admit it. Most of the time, we spend our time in our automobiles. From laughter and love to crying and tantrums, driving is where the great moments of life start and finish. What better way to give your car the perfect touch of class and elegance than by putting a sunflower on your steering wheel cover!?

Keep your steering wheel safe from being scratched or soiled by your hands. Put it on, and it will remain in place while you hold the wheel while in the car seat. This is a protective layer for the steering wheel!

The cover won’t slip. It will not fade, and neither will it extend into a shape. It is made from Neoprene with a non-slip texture, a soft fabric that lets air freely.

A luxurious addition to complement any decor.

This cover is constructed of stretchy neoprene material that covers the wheel of your vehicle without leaving any marks. It is easily removed to clean. The elastic yarn of this cover provides the wheel cover with the flexibility to withstand tears and punctures.

Make your steering wheel be noticed by using the Sunflower Knitted Fabric Car Steering Wheel Cover. The covers are made of elastic, washable, stretchy fabric and comfy neoprene slip-resistant that’s easy to put off and on. Your steering wheel is protected by a hand-knit sunflower design that’s guaranteed to make your car stand out.

Made from top-quality knitted Fabric, This steering wheel cover was made to shield your steering wheel while adding personalization to your car. It has a stunning Sunflower design with a trendy design that is sure to match the interior of your car.

Keep your style on point with this chic knitted Fabric Sunflower steering wheel cover.

It can be used on the steering wheel of many vehicles and trucks. The unique floral pattern displays your individual taste and gives an elegant touch, warm and soft on your hands.

Cover for the steering wheel of Sunflower made of knit fabric. This cover for the steering wheel is made from high-end yarns that provide a luxurious feel. It’s a great present for yourself and your car.

The cover for the steering wheel of a sunflower is wrapped around an image of a ball of petals hanging out of the center, making an attractive and striking sunflower. Made of durable microfiber and stretchy Neoprene, our steering covers are designed to fit snugly, ensuring durability for the years to come.

Bring a touch of class to your vehicle with this cover for your steering wheel that is inspired by sunflowers made by KIMMYTM. With its bright floral print and comfy elastic material is the perfect present for women and men!

Non Slip Sunflower Covers for Gear Knitted Fabric provide the perfect fit and stylish design, approximately 14″-22″. We offer a Sunflower cover made from Neoprene, which is the same material that is used in wet suits and is flexible and simple to put on and remove. It is ideal for people with weak physical strength or dexterity.

Make your car more attractive with these stylish and sturdy steering wheel covers.

The washable fabric is elastic, while it has a non-slip backing that ensures a snug fit. When you’re waiting on your puppy to grow larger or want to add a playful touch to your vehicle, These covers are guaranteed to meet your needs! Let’s pick this vibrant and delicate steering wheel cover that will decorate your steering wheel. Apart from protecting it from harm and stains, it can also beautify your vehicle:)

There will never be anyone getting your steering wheel ever again. You just need to apply it and feel the soft elastic cloth wrap your wheel. Without tools required. Ideal for special occasions or everyday driving!

Half-finger knitted gloves constructed from top-quality materials. They are breathable, skin-friendly, and have water-absorbent properties. A wrist length that is a stylish design, with reflective tape as well as an anti-slip function to prevent slipping when traveling at night. It is a great gift to give your family and friends!

Check out your steering wheel covers, and smile.

Is sure to be on your face. The steering wheel’s ‘knitted fabric flowery sunflower covers for steering wheels are a great solution to end the problems with your steering wheel’s grip! Silicone grips are much more comfortable to hold your hands to than slippery leather, metal, or wood steering wheels. Additionally, using this steering wheel accessory can give your car a fashionable design that other drivers will take note of.

Car Steering Wheel Cover Sunflower Floral Print Covers. Very unique design with Beautiful and spacious looks. Our products are of the highest standard and are well worth it. The workmanship is exceptional, the material is distinctive and super soft and comfortable to the touch, and it is safe and non-harmful.

The ultimate in comfort, style, and elegance can be achieved with the “sunflower” steering wheel cover. The classic design is extremely vibrant and makes a wonderful gift to family members or loved ones. This cover is designed to protect wheels from damage caused by weather and wear and wear and tear. It is made of knitted fabric, which is flexible and soft. It is easy to put on standard-sized steering wheels. It can be stored in the car when dirty to avoid sweat staining the seats.

The best-stretched car steering wheel

The cover is created by knitting. It is not likely to cause irritation to your hands and will give you a firm grip on the steering wheel, even if the weather is hot or humid. This sunflower design is a stylish and stunning design that can decorate your car’s interior regardless of the season.

A Stylish feminine design with a sunflower print. Fits snugly with three panels of stretch that can be adjusted to suit a variety of steering wheels. Stretch knit offers an almost all-around fit while keeping the steering wheel cool in the winter months and warm in summer. The car accessory that reduces stress ensures that the wheel is held securely to avoid sliding.

Don’t be boring. This trendy sunflower fabric will make you stand out while you’re driving. The cover shields your hands from other’s germs and also makes your steering wheel look stylish. Luxury car styling luxury car material that protects your hands from infection and protects them with an ergonomic and non-slip grip. One size is enough for everyone…

Car steering wheel covers are made of premium quality and soft materials. It’s a non-slip steering wheel cover that won’t slip or fall off when driving. It’s thick and durable that will protect the hands of your passengers from getting hit by the heat of the wheel. It will not make your hands sweat during hot weather.

Made from textile, The sunflower cover for the steering wheel is very soft.

This sunflower design is charming and unique. Are you looking to make driving more enjoyable? These car accessories are the perfect fit for your vehicle. The steering wheel cover we offer will add class and elegance to your vehicle! It is constructed from an extremely durable material that guarantees long-lasting durability. The hand holes have been created to ensure maximum comfort and also provide the user with easy access. Slot grips are added to allow you to easily remove and put in, allowing you to customize your car right now by adding our trendy car accessories!

If you are a fan of cute items in your vehicle, This Cover is the ideal item for you! It’ll fit perfectly on the steering wheel and will endure several years of wear and wear and tear.

Frosty Snowman is a cool character. He wore a stylish hat and fashionable mittens and wanted everybody to be happy as you do with your stylish car cover.



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