Smart Humidifier APP Control Aroma Diffuser 150ml Humidifier

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Smart Humidifier


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The Smart Aroma is an essential oil diffuser with a 150ml water tank.

The high-quality quartz aroma oil burner helps release the fragrance of essential oil into the air. You can set the revolutions, mist frequency and the LED light flashing speed to suit your mood. Tap once to turn on/off the LED light, double-tap to wake up Alexa, then you can use your own words to control your home appliances.

 Make your home smell fresher with the Trusmall® Aroma Diffuser smart plug-in diffuser. This product combines a small aroma diffuser, humidifier, and humidifier light. It features a compact design, 150mAh power bank, and has a variety of fragrant essential oils. You can fully enjoy the scented air anytime and anywhere.

Colorful LED lights illuminate the water.

While a unique ultrasonic atomizing system distributes your favorite essential oil or perfume throughout the air, it has a glassy, gorgeous appearance with its elegant appearance, which adds beauty to any area. Before purchasing an aroma diffuser, remember your goal: whether it be for aromatherapy, home spa treatment, relaxation or sleep therapy. The way it works depends on the type of oil and the strength of fragrance you prefer.

This Humidifier has, Phone charging function with a night light and RGB color changing lamp, the three knobs can control, the humidifier automatically works when detecting an arid environment. Using ultrasonic piezoelectricity conversion technology promotes cell metabolism and relieves dry and stuffy air, adding moisture to the air to reduce dust concentration. Increase blood circulation and boost blood oxygenation, effectively preventing flu and cough.

The perfect addition to your home decoration

Its stylish looks can give any room a fresh, clean look and a hint of nature. With 5 different LED colors and an optional color-changing mode, it’s 14 changing LED colors, and one color-changing mode will make your environment feel warm and comforting. You can create various lighting to match the time of the day or create a romantic atmosphere!

Dream Essential Oils is proud to introduce our Smart Aroma Diffuser 150ml product. When air can pass through the device, it will diffuse its fragrance into the air continuously until the machine turns off. It releases fragrant oil in various ways: ultrasonic atomization diffuser, heat diffusion, vibration diffusion and diffusion of light absorption. The mineral stone disk can absorb water in the air and release humidity and produce clean air.

Feel like you’re at a five-star spa

With our humidifier/aroma diffuser plug-in. This plug-in diffuser is a dual-use humidifier and aroma diffuser with a 100ml capacity. The LED light can be set to Red, Blue & Green lights. This digital aroma diffuser can create a comfortable atmosphere anywhere in your home and is truly the perfect gift they will use every day.

Smart Aroma 100ml aroma diffuser is a smart device that gives you the power to transform your mood and surroundings gently. With multi-colored LED mood lights and an optional essential oil tray, the sleek design of this device will have you looking fashionable while using your favorite scents to help de-stress and unwind.

The compact and portable ceramic design of this Personal Aroma Diffuser

It is ideal for smaller spaces like the bedroom, office, or bathroom. It releases a steady mist of excellent, purified moisture into the air to help moisturize skin exposed to the air’s drying effects. This unit has 7 timed settings and a timer function, allowing you to run it as often as needed without any worries. The aroma oil diffuser helps freshen the air with your favorite essential oils and helps create an effective anti-depressant influence during your mood swings – this unit is especially great for bedrooms, bathrooms or just about anywhere that needs moisture relief freshening up.

Evoking the spirit of the mountains, this elegant diffuser creates a relaxed, welcoming ambience in your home or hotel room. Its warm light and subtle mist help to purify the air and leave it smelling of fresh floral fragrances. Enjoy changing scents and aromas whenever you like with remote control, or turn on the night light function to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

High quality with few kinds of the brand on the market.

With the APP, you can easily manage the humidifier functions and control. Automatically turn off when water runs out. The 6 acceptable mist modes that customize your favorite settings can be adjusted freely.

Young Living diffusers create the perfect environment for your home by filling the air with a fresh, natural aroma. The same healing qualities found in Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils are released into the air, allowing you to choose an aroma that best fits your mood or helps maintain wellness. An excellent gift for the whole family, our 100% pure essential oil diffusers help purify and soothe any space—from large rooms to small offices and call centers. Choose from five different colors:


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