Smart Heated Hand Massager Physiotherapy Equipment Pressotherapy
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Smart Heated Hand Massager Physiotherapy Equipment Pressotherapy



Smart Heated Hand Massager Physiotherapy Equipment Pressotherapy

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Smart Heated Hand Massager Physiotherapy Equipment Pressotherapy

Other hand massagers can hurt the fingers of those who suffer from intense pressure or break after a couple of weeks, and the Linux Pressure Point Therapy Massager gives a passionate massage and is fully adjustable to meet your requirements.

The unique six levels of intensity and pressure include heat, compression and an extended time to reach temperatures of 107 degrees F, and it’s at the top, allowing you to allow you to relax and increase the benefits of vibration and massage to give you the same experience as the actual hand massage.

You deserve painless & relaxing days!

You’re looking to rid yourself of joint pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel or arthritis and unwind your hand after an exhausting day at work. We’ve created the most efficient palm and finger massagers with the right amount of heat to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you manual work or play an instrument, perform work or sports, you’ll be amazed by the effects it can do on your hands that are tired and feel relaxed by using this hand-held massager.

We aim to enhance your well-being!

Our hand massager is the best in the market. It makes use of acupressure therapy through pressing your hands, stimulating your acupoints, and improve blood circulation. Over 300 physical therapy hand patients have tested the tool for massage and saw a decrease in arthritis pain and quicker recovery following treatment for carpal tunnel.

A great present to give to a loved one!

If you’re looking for something unique and has an ingenious life-enhancing factor, You will love our wireless heated massager. Its unique, sleek design and shiatsu technology make a great addition to a vibrant home design or an office desk—the soft cushion in the interior guarantees absolute comfort. The discomfort of a tingling sensation is typical when you massage. Once charged, you’ll have it on for long hours without worrying about cables or outlets.

You’re entitled to only the best quality!

We are a family-owned company with its headquarters in California, and we take great pride in providing only tested and high-end products and exceptional U.S. based customer support for our team of hardworking Americans. If your product is not working, We recommend checking connections between USB ports and USB charging cable or utilizing a different charger.


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