Smart Eye Massager Bluetooth Vibration Air Compression Heated Massage
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Smart Eye Massager Bluetooth Vibration Air Compression Heated Massage



Smart Eye Massager Bluetooth Vibration Air Compression Heated Massage 

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Smart Eye Massager Bluetooth Vibration Air Compression Heated Massage

Version Upgraded Adopts Remote and Touch Control

Reno’s latest version of the eye massager randomly changes the mode using the two methods of control. The eye mask of Renpho uses the trigger-point massage method, which oscillates in compression and a rhythmic percussion massage. Heating pads in the show offer a mild temperature of between 104 and 107 (40-42 ), which is ideal for alleviating eye strain, puffiness, dry eyes and more. The temperature is not adjustable. It is not adjustable.

Accurately Corresponding Acupoint Massage

By massaging your CuanZhu/SiZhuKong/Temple/ChengQi/JingMing acupoint, you will be relaxed and enjoy a better sweet dream. The eye relaxer helps you to feel more refreshed after a long day of studying or work. *Note: Renpho eye massager NOT suitable for people who have undergone eye surgery, retina condition or cataract surgery, glaucoma, and so on. It is also not suitable for those who have had cataract surgery, retina condition, cataract, etc

Bluetooth Connectivity to Personal Music

The mask’s eye massage features with built-in speakers and prerecorded sounds improve relaxation. You can also connect through Bluetooth and play music from your playlists. Music can reduce anxiety and the psychological effects caused by stress while increasing communication. Bluetooth Name Eye Massager

180deg Adjustable & Portable Design

Our electronic eye care device comes equipped with a storage container and is foldable to make it more diminutive, allowing you to transport it to work or plane and travel. Additionally, the head strap is adjustable in size, making it appropriate for both teenagers and adults. Note: If you feel snug or loose, please adjust the headband until you find the perfect size. It is also possible to change the headband according to your needs.

Perfect Gifts

The eye massager that comes with remote control is a unique item to give as a present. Each massager from Renpho comes with a highly well-constructed package and a pleasant unboxing experience. Reno is known for the top-quality products and the best customer service team.


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