Salt Lamp Night Light Crystal Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp USB Multicolor

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Salt Lamp Night Light

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The Crystal Natural Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

USB Lighting Light Night Light is a blend of style, function, and modern technology. It’s the ideal addition to your home and perfectly suitable for modern homes design. It includes the crystal salt lamp with natural stone, an abrasion-resistant transformer as well as a solid brass lamp holder plus cotton cable, and a high-power LED lighting source.

This is a stunning and original lamp that is made from the natural salt crystals that are found in the mountain ranges of Pakistan. A stunning piece of rock salt that is natural that is activated by The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp USB multicolor LED Night Light. This stunning piece is used to decorate and also for health benefits from the positive-negative ions it releases.

Handcrafted Salt Lamp is featured with natural crystal Himalayan Salt Crystal and a wooden base.

It is ideal for helping you sleep better and stress relief; it also increases protection and more. The lighting that comes from the Himalayan salt lamp can be gentle as it focuses on the eyes. It’s powered via a USB cable. You can connect it to an adapter for charging it in your car in car when traveling. The light can be switched by switching from white light to a colored one. When you use the power switch to switch on the light, the color will change in a sequence. It is rotated through the rainbow, from Red and then Green to Blue and White, etc…

Pure Himalayan salt has been believed to help unblock stagnant energy within your home, soak up moisture and remove negative ions to leave you with an energized, clean, and rejuvenating atmosphere. This gorgeous lamp does not just provide the comfort of an enveloping light that is perfect for relaxing, but it additionally has numerous LED lights that come in five different colors that you can cycle around or adjust to a particular shade.

A great way to add any space a classic, earthy feel

Although they look stunning and look beautiful as a stand-alone item, they can also be combined with our LED Light Bulbs to provide your home with distinctive lighting that is sure to be awe-inspiring.

Salt Lamp Night Light is the perfect night lamp. This light for the night can be used to create a beautiful decoration for your home with unique lighting that is led. It is possible to use it as a similar lighting fixture or decorative lamp in your bedroom, living room, or office. You can also use it as a Christmas decor or give it as a present to your loved one, friend, and family members.

Salt Lamps are one of the most flexible decorative lighting fixtures that are available. The warm light of this relaxing night light can help you relax after a tiring day and is ideal for any space in the office or at home. The lamp has 300 crystal strands of light and 20 distinct colors. There are plenty of options to personalize the look of your salt lamp to match any style. It even has a dimmer switch, which allows you to select between dim or bright lighting.

Natural crystal salt that is mined in Khewra, the Khewra Salt Mine

It is a treatment for allergies and asthma, aids in fighting bacteria and viruses as well as releases negative ions, which can improve the overall health of your body and your home. The advantages of a salt lamp start with its chic, stylish design. It’s also less expensive as compared to other lamps available and is available in a range of styles and colors, from a sleek rectangular shape to a flower-shaped one. The most appealing thing? It’s full of health benefits!

Have a restful night’s sleep with the USB Mini multicolor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp. Just plug the LED light onto every USB port, and then watch this mini lamp flash to life. There are ten options available include White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Purple, Green, and many more.

Artificial Himalayan Salt Lamps is a great table lamp as well as decorative light.

It helps enhance your sleep quality and helps people to sleep more effectively. It can help reduce the fatigue, strain on the eyes, and headaches caused by long hours of computer usage or being up late. We think it’s an ideal present to give your family and friends.

The elegant Himalayan salt lamp is focused on gentle illumination along with eye safety. The design of the lamp is asymmetrical and stylish, and the dimmable function lets you control the brightness from soft candlelight to a powerful soft white light. This makes it the perfect option for your living room and bedroom.

Amazing Salt Crystal lamps are made using Natural Original Himalayan Crystals.

They can be a chic lighting design for any space in your office or at home. Are you prone to allergies? Relax with the salt lamp! Our salt crystals originate directly from the Pakistani Khewra Mine, the world’s largest and oldest salt mine. It first was found in the year 326 B.C. It is believed to contain nearly all of the known minerals in the world.

Put your natural Himalayan Salt lamp on your table lamp, desk, or wherever you’d like to create a warm, calming illumination. It’s the perfect present for the yoga-loving anyone who practices meditation. A pink crystal night light in your office or home is a great way to enjoy the advantages of negative ions. The therapeutic power of negative ions assists in removing smoke, dust, and pollen from the air. Creates positive energy with a natural pink glow.

Natural Himalayan salt crystals are harvested in the Himalayan Mountains.

When the lamp is lit, it emits a tranquil Amber color. It’s similar to incandescent light. Heating the salt using the 15 Watt bulb emits negative ions into the air, causing the same effect as an ionizer. It purifies the air around it. This is enhanced through the process that naturally occurs in NACL, creating fresh and clean air. Refreshing.

The lamp is made out of pure Himalayan salt crystals extracted from the Himalayan Mountains. Once it is lit, the lamp emits an inviting, warm orange-yellow glow that creates a gorgeous atmosphere in any space. These lamps are not just visually stunning, but the premium quality salt crystals that are used in the creation of the lamp possess distinct healing properties.

100 100% natural and 100%

Our lamps are constructed of 100% bio-friendly and ecologically pure Himalayan salt. This means that they are not only healthy but also safe as well. They release negative ions, which neutralize electromagnetic radiation in your home or office.

Invigorate the subtle energy in your home by bringing a healing hue by selecting the eight available lighting colors. The USB-powered Salt Lamp Night Light is ideal for keeping on your bedside table or for carrying with you on trips. An elegant accessory to any room, the lamp gives off an ethereal, warm glow and can help create peace and tranquility.


Salt is always in fashion and trendy. However, it has only been recently that realized positive ions’ benefits. Salt lamps are different in that when they are turned on, they release negative ions, which help to cleanse your air. The soft lighting creates a space that feels more comfortable, warm, and welcoming.

Amber Crystal Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light For Decorative Purposes, Mood Lighting, And Ambiance, USB LED Multicolor

Make a safe and special space to relax by putting the Natural Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom. This lamp is constructed of real Himalayan salt, pink in color, as well as Tibetan naturally carved salt stone that is sourced from high altitudes and dried in the sun, with a 99.9 percent pure appearance and scent that can bring warmth and fashionable aesthetics to your office or home. The salt crystal lamp is an essential item for those who are interested in the advantages of crystal lamps.

Enjoy the soothing ability of Himalayan salt by lighting this stunning crystal lamp.

It is able to light up in seven different colors that you choose with an easy-to-touch dimming switch. It also features it has a USB port to charge small electronic devices. It’s a luxurious match to your bedside table; it brings warm lighting to your bedroom as it disperses negative ions into the air around it.

Crystal Natural Lamps are famous for their stunning natural design and purity. They are high-end decoration lighting, led lamp or table lamp, night light, and more. It also helps remove the pollution of ions from our surroundings. The crystal’s natural form will slowly transform from white to pink as they are the sun’s rays are absorbed. Particularly designed for bedrooms and living rooms, as well as office space or any other location you would like. They are ideal for helping you relax and create an ideal atmosphere for your family members or your friends. This would make a wonderful present for family or friends that require to relax and have peace of mind.

Discover the magical and natural ambient from our crystal salt lamps

The warm glow of the orange it’s a warm orange glow. A handmade lamp is safe, durable, and ideal for lighting your living or bedroom and is perfect for a variety of occasions like birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day gifts.

This light at night can provide a relaxing and warm ambiance for you. It is constructed of natural crystal salt that is sourced from the Himalayan mountains and has it has a powerful LED light inside. So just being near it will provide health benefits as well as a simple reading light.

Relax and enjoy the beautiful look of this lamp that emits the soft, warm, and peaceful light across the space. It’s an evening light as well as a decorative piece. This elegant salt lamp adds an organic touch to any room and is a perfect arrangement or gift.

Our product is made from pure, hard rock crystal salt.

Salt is used to heal for long periods of time. Salt absorbs negative ions and releases far infrared radiations that can be beneficial to overall health and well-being. Salt lamps can also purify the air by absorption of the airborne pollutants that cause respiratory issues like asthma as well as allergies and hay fever.

Make your loved one happy by giving this stylish salt lamp. It will give an entirely new look to your home thanks to its gorgeous features and warm glowing, with its soothing cool glow that will allow you to unwind from your hectic day and enjoy a relaxing night before going to bed.


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