Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Vacuum Cleaner&Cordless 2in1

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Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum Cleaner&Cordless Air Blower

2in1, Mini Air duster Electric cleaner tool for Computer keyboard, PC, Piano, Pet, laptop, Dustblower electric mini vacuum with 12V rechargeable battery & 24W handheld air blower

Awesome gadget for those who handle both messes and tidiness with style. No longer worry about the dust on your keyboard or computer. This mini vacuum brings you a 2in1 handheld cleaner that includes an electric cleaner tool for a Computer keyboard, PC, Piano, and a convenient air blower with 18.5 inches long, strong air power cord.

Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner is designed for computer keyboards, PC, pets, laptops, Flower, Vehicle, and so on. You can also use it to clean up eggs, tree nuts, and some food debris off the floor. Easy to operate, it makes your home tidy and sanitary!

All-in-one Handheld Vacuum Cleaner & Air Blower

That offers a more convenient way to clean and dry your piano, keyboard, computer, pet, car, and many more.

Bigger power, Mini Mouse 2-in-1 Electric Duster Vacuum Cleaner is the handheld type of cleaning tool for computer keyboards, PC, and other sensitive electronics. It can also be a great tool for shoes, car carpets, and so on. With its powerful suction, it will keep all kinds of dust off your things and keep them clean. You can use it anywhere you want it at any time.

We provide you with a perfect combination of keyboard cleaners! This mini handheld vacuum cleaner and electric air blower clean your PC, computer keyboard, and other accessories at home or office. Specifically designed to clean the dust from all kinds of computer equipment and instruments!

tiny handheld vacuum cleaner

Especially for computer keyboards, computer desktop, and other delicate surface cleaning, open the keyboard backlight keyboard dust without disassembling. The mini vacuum dryer is compatible with computers, laptops, electronic products, e‐cigarettes, and so on. The mini cleaner also can be used as an air blower to remove dust, moisture, or small dust from all kinds of desktops or other electronics.

Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1 handheld vacuum cleaner can be used as a powerful vaccum or as a convenient air blower. The small size is perfect for cleaning computer keyboards, computer mice, electronics, collecting dust and dirt on the piano, and so much more. Our new mini handheld vacuum cleaner is extremely portable and easy to store. Perfect to keep in your travel bag; it’s a must-have travel accessory.

Specially designed to clean computer keyboards.

It has strong suction power and can suck up the dust easily on the PC/laptop keyboards. It’s a powerful handheld cleaner that is equipped with a crevice tool and a brush used for cleaning keyboards. A mini cleaning vacuum with air blower function perfectly used for computer keyboards and other small areas in-home or office!

Built-in powerful motor and one twister brush, vacuum and blow dust or other tiny particles in the air. It is a multifunctional handheld cleaner; convenient to use to clean your computer keyboard, laptop keyboard, or other electronic equipment within seconds. You will enjoy the clean and tidy environment every day.

The Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner is made for you.

It is a very practical and helpful tool for cleaning the keyboard, computer, radio, or any other dusty or sticky things. Washable filter at the end of the tube, easy to clean and even disassemble. It is small enough to be carried in your pocket on your way out and very lightweight too.

Keyboard cleaner, smudge remover, and dust cleaner. Air blows out as much dust in the narrow space of the keyboard from the side holes in the middle between keys. Dirt-proof membrane over the hole under the power switch will not influence its�work; put a black cloth on top of it for the best effect.

The Cordless portable mini handheld vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning small spills and messes. For example, keyboard, PC or laptop, Camera, Mobile phone, Calculator, Printer, Piano, Car interior. Mini size with a brush head and a soft tube. The compact design makes it easy to carry everywhere.

Want the convenience of a vacuum cleaner with the power of a handheld device?

Our Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner gives you both. This great tool features a vacuum cleaner, air duster, LED light, and much more in a small, easy-to-carry design. It’s convenient for computer keyboards, fans, cameras, and as a general dust collector. It’s also easy to clean with its reusable dust filter.

This handheld vacuum and air blower set is designed to help you get rid of dust and debris where it’s typically difficult to do so. With included accessories, you can use this unit to clean computers, car vents, keyboards, drawers, cameras, and more. Perfect for use during sales presentations and displays.

Mini Cordless Air Duster Vacuum Cleaner Electric Keyboard Cleaner&Clean Tool is a great helpmate for home and office; users can easily and quickly clean away the dust on the object surface, especially for the gaps which are not easy to reach. Built-in 6000mAh lithium battery, this item has a long working time.

This Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner is designed for removing dust anywhere you can think of!

Goodbye keyboard, dust, and food crumb! Rechargeable Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most popular accessories in today’s fast-paced environment. Handheld design, light and portable Perfect for home, office, and car detailing and cleaning.

Besego: Besego is your reliable partner for all cleaning work in the household and ensures that daily chores don’t turn into a tedious burden. USB Rechargeable: it can be charged by a mini vacuum cleaner for MacBook computer car keyboard camera PC. When you are at home or on the go, you can use it at any time.

The Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect cordless Mini vacuum cleaner for your home, office, and vehicle. Small but mighty, it has a high-powered motor with no cord to plug in or get in the way. And with its sleek handheld design, this handheld portable mini vacuum has an incredible amount of power housed inside a compact size that can go just about anywhere.

The vacuum cleaner is a fast and efficient cleaning tool.

No need to use special tools or disassemble parts. It can be cleaned with a clean wipe, and no dust will be scattered. Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner produces high suction and airflow, specially designed for cleaning Computer keyboards, PC, Piano, Pet, laptop dust, fine powder, and sand. It will never damage your devices or the computer keyboard. Mini Keyboard Vacuum cleaner has a long life and lightweight body.

Check out the Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner&Air Blower 2in1 from AMLIMA. This device is a vacuum cleaner and air blower combined, which can effectively clean dust and dirt on the keyboard, piano, computer, other devices, etc. Also, it is portable and convenient, and it won’t take much space in your bag.

Mini Keyboard Vacuum is primarily designed to clean computer keyboards and laptop

It will not scratch the surface of your laptop. Weighs as light as just 20g and is easy to use. Handheld design lets you get into tiny crevices on your desk or other surfaces that are hard to clean with a regular vacuum or rag. This mini handheld vacuum cleaner can work as an air blower for PC, pianos, plants, cars, etc. when switched to “hose.”

The existing vacuum cleaner is not fit for computer keyboards at all. Here comes our mini vacuum cleaner to clean up your keyboard! It is a multi-tool with a suction function, and the air blower function can be handheld. They are used to clean the dust on computer keyboards and pianos etc. The best choices are waiting for you!

Dual features of electric vacuum cleaner handheld blower

It is also an effective air cleaner for PC and keyboard. This handy mini connection will help you to clean the dust quickly and easily. Powered by 2pcs 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, you will be free from the annoyance of a charging cable.

Keyboard Mini Vacuum Cleaner: This mini vacuum cleaner cleans keyboard dust; it can be operated on the USB port, computer, and other devices, which is easy to operate. Mini portable design is convenient for carrying. Cordless Air Blower: 2in1 design, release the compressed air to blow away tiny dust particles and hair or clean your keyboard or computer; convenient and efficient.

The mini keyboard vacuum cleaner was specially designed for cleaning the nooks and crannies of the keyboard, no matter whether it is a computer keyboard or a musical instrument. The adaptable pipe and handle of the Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner allow you to release a blast of compressed air toward multiple angles, blasting dirt and debris out of tight spots and hard-to-reach places with ease. With a simple click to switch between vacuuming and jetting, this versatile tool can get into tight spaces and corners for a truly thorough clean.

Softly gathers the particles of dust on your computer keyboard.

The Mini Vacuum Cleaner will take you to a new level of cleanliness. It not only cleans your keyboard but also cleans fine dust in between computer components and hard-to-reach areas. The powerful motor combined with the long-reach air duster nozzle makes short work of cleaning your keyboards and monitors, shooting games, and getting into all those tight gaps around the PC.

The Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner is a great way to clean your keyboard, Computer, TV, and fridge. It easily fits in your handbag or pocket, so it’s convenient to take with you when you travel. Simply plug the handy duster into an electrical outlet and switch it on. You can clean wherever you are – with no cords to get in the way!

High-speed motor and large capacity filter

It’s the best helper for your family cleaning. The handheld design and full charge(full power for two days) make it easier to clean the hairball product. With this cute mini keyboard vacuum cleaner, you can enjoy a good life with ease.

Are you frustrated about dust on your keyboard and mouse? Are you working for a technology company that is surrounded by several PCs all day? Do you often clean your PC or laptop at home? 


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