Mini Keyboard Cleaner Wireless Air Duster USB Vacuum Cleaner Blower

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Mini Keyboard Cleaner

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Designed for Computer/Laptop/Car/Keyboard cleaning

With Cordless Wireless Handheld USB Vacuum Cleaner. The mini USB Air Duster can store compressed air and make it easy to clean a computer and laptop!

Designed to clean your computer keyboards, whether in your lap or on the desk. This external keyboard cleaner also removes dust from hard-to-reach places and vents. Features include: Air pressure of up to 46000 RPM, A powerful compressed cordless tool, and Automatically shuts off after 15 minutes.

Clean away dust & debris using this Mini Keyboard Cleaner. It is a wireless, cordless, and Vacuum cleaner blower. Quickly clean your keyboard with this Mini Keyboard vacuum cleaner blower. Features:Air Pressure 6kpa to 45000pa, 60ml/min to 160ml/min. Are you still worried about the disgust of your keyboard? Get a protective keyboard cover and a mini air duster vacuum cleaner to keep your hands and computer safe while you type. And don’t forget that this device can also clean other electrical appliances with dust like TV, Fan and etc. What are you waiting for?

mini wireless USB keyboard cleaner

With its small size and long-lasting battery, Ideal for home or office use, handheld portable air duster, easy to clean the dust on your computer’s keyboard. With such creative tools on hand, cleaning your keyboard will be a much faster and safer task!

The world’s smallest air duster and cable winder, so small that you can put it into your pocket and take it with you. It is good for computers and various terminals; in fact, it is the latest 1.2L portable charger power bank!

Inspired by the nature of wind, small in size but greater in power with mini design, it is still a great match for your pocket. You can do handcrafts on artificial flowers or garden plants and give them extra colors with this little beauty. This small-size USB Air Duster can also make your computer keyboard clean and dust-free, just like new ones.

Mini Keyboard Cleaner is your best choice.

For those who have a desktop computer or laptop, especially the high tech people. With a wireless remote, you can control it directly. Compressed gas is much more powerful than a microfiber cloth, has a long work time, and has fast results. At the same time, the USB port makes it easier for you to charge it at any time.

Bored with cleaning the keyboard of your PC or laptop? Then this is the best gadget for you. It not only cleans the keyboard and dusts the keyboard effectively but can also blower the keyboard and other smelly stuff on your desk, keeping the things clean and tidy.

Mini Keyboard Cleaner is versatile, powerful, and portable. It can be used on computer keyboards, mobile phones, game devices, cameras, automobile control panels, miniature tools, hardware accessories, etc. With a mini battery, it is more convenient to carry around for cleaning needs. The mini but powerful air pressure pump delivers a smooth stream of highly compressed air and completely cleans dirt from keyboards and small gaps.

The Mini Keyboard Cleaner features

a USB-powered motor for blasting away dirt and dust. It’s incredibly light, as it only weighs about 17g, yet powerful enough to suck hard debris such as sand from your keyboard. It also has a 6,000mAh power bank so you can charge your phone.

Wireless mini keyboard cleaner. This product uses high pressure to blow the dust off the keyboard; dirt is blown out of the hole connecting with the PCB cable, then cleaned the keyboard and made it look new.

Our Mini Keyboard Cleaner is powerful enough to clean your keyboard in a minute but small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

Poorly performing keyboards can ruin your workday.

But when this innovative wireless air duster is on hand, the troubles come to an end. This compact handheld cordless tool features a unique USB vacuum cleaner that draws in dust and dirt from between the keys of any standard keyboard, as well as crevices and hard-to-reach areas under furniture. The 6000mAh battery charges via USB in hours, using an included cable that plugs into your computer or wall adapter. The built-in high-power suction motor delivers 45000RPM with a max airflow velocity of 6m/s.

Nobody wants their computer and cordless keyboard covered in the dust and dirt of the outside world. Whether your computer is attacked by crumbs or you simply need to clean the keyboard on your cordless phone, the Air Duster eliminates these problems. A wireless Air Duster uses air to blow out the dust; the wireless USB Vacuum Cleaner Blower uses a compressed cordless vacuum cleaner to suck up dust. Easy to use, simply take on and off of the plastic cap on top of your computer and/or use one of the plastic tools as a couple of sandpaper plastic knobs to clean any gunk that has gotten stuck inside while vacuuming it out.

Very convenient and portable

It comes with a 45000RPM blower function and a USB Car Charger. Furthermore, it has an integrated LED light, is made of aluminum alloy shell, resistant to wear and tear, and a fashionable minimalist shape will surely bring you an excellent visual experience. Plus, this product is powered by a high capacity 6000mAh lithium battery, long standby time, long-range distance spraying with three-speed variable control.

Our wireless mini keyboard Vacuum cleaner series is a cordless and convenient compressed air duster tool. It was designed with built-in high pressure 6000mAh battery; it also supports charging by USB interface directly. This mini Keyboard Cleaner is great for cleaning a variety of electronic devices, including Apple Macbook keyboards, PC desktop keyboards, remote controls, mice, gamepads, car interior accessories, and so on.

Make your electronics dust-free

It is like a handheld electric vacuum cleaner which is featured 10000pa strong suction, 60000rpm fast rotation, and easy operation. The special design of car suction makes it a wireless vacuum cleaner that can suck dust particles from the surface of your PC or cell phone screen quietly.

Inspired by a PC cooling fan and integrated with a UV lamp, the mini keyboard cleaner provides reliable disinfection functionality in a handheld form. A total of four different brushes allow you to clean all kinds of dirt on your keys, while the USB vacuum cleaner and air blower let you blow and suck away all dust on your devices. A specially designed water tank can be used to spray the surrounding area, like your computer desk, without any worry that it might leak.

Mini Keyboard Cleaner is compatible with all devices.

Having the power to clean your keyboard in 10 seconds and make your device look new again. It is always so much fun to have a tiny USB vacuum cleaner or air duster, which can not only clean up the dust on the keyboard but also clean mobile phones or small pieces of personal belongings.

As a USB air duster, Mini Keyboard Cleaner can eliminate dust from the keyboard with the USB power directly. It is space-saving, durable, and practical for your phone or other devices with shedding problems, such as servers and PSU. With adjustable high volume and high velocity, you can quickly blow all kinds of smelly and sticky dust on the keyboard. And with 6000mAh battery capacity on a single charge, it is enough to work for 1 hour.

Do you have a pet at home? Do you have any desktop or laptop computers in your office? Does your keyboard get dirty very easily?

If yes, try this Mini Keyboard Cleaner today. This cleaner can easily clean your computer keyboards and sweep the fallen hair of your pets. The compressed air duster is highly efficient, compact, and lightweight. It is easy to charge and even easier to use. You can get it in just seconds.

Need a cool gift for your friends, parents, or children? The mini keyboard cleaner is a kind of vacuum cleaner that could help you to clean the dust on a PC or Laptop easily. It is powered by 60000RPM and a built-in micro USB cable; it comes with a charger and extension cord, so convenient to charge and start working; it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or hold in just one hand.

Are you sick of the messy keyboards dirtying your valuable computer?

The entire device is made of environmentally-friendly silicone and ABS material. More importantly, this stethoscope is delicious for all doctors, nurses, students, and so on, who can not miss it.

Can you imagine a desktop PC without a mini keyboard cleaner? It’s hard, we know. But here at Laser Keyboard Cleaner Incorporated, we have the solution. A wireless air duster USB vacuum cleaner blower that can be handheld or attached to the top of your keyboard for easy cleaning. Also, its stunning cordless design makes it easy to tuck away in your laptop case when you’re on the go.

The mini Keyboard Cleaner is a ready-to-use air duster vacuum cleaner handheld compressed cordless vacuum cleaner for computers, laptops, keyboards, cars, and so on. It is the portable cleanup expert. You may have doubts about this tiny gadget, but once you use it, you will understand how powerful it is! Besides the scientific design of the nozzle, which can be sprayed in any direction and eliminate 99% of garbage on PC, laptops, and car interiors quickly, it is also wireless and cordless.

The Mini Portable Air Duster Wrist

An innovative machine that was made to help clean your electronic devices. It features powerful pressure, long run time, and high capacity battery system. This unique design allows you to easily and quickly remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, or any other small particles that may be present on the keyboard of your PC, Laptop, Car Stereo, Amplifier, and other accessories with just the touch of a button or two. And this is one of those products I would probably never buy, but it’s kinda cool how they explain the benefit.

This mini wireless keyboard cleaner can help you clean your keyboard even when it’s not in use. It is a handheld, handheld air duster, USB Vacuum, and cleaning device in one! The built-in 6000mAh rechargeable battery can deliver a portable power source for charging. Blue, black and silver colors and adjustable mood for your choice.

Delicate and useful Mini-Vacuum wireless air duster

The best helper for your home. Equipped with a powerful motor unique design USB port, you can directly charge the USB plug on the keyboard in the car. Wireless Air Duster is easy to use, with just one button to switch on and off. There has a constant stream of air that keeps ideal pressure strong airflow. Especially convenient on a hot day when tire pressure is low and the need to add oil, it can also clean computer keyboards and laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

This mini Keyboard Cleaner is an Air blower, Vacuum Cleaner, and Car Duster with a USB port; now, you can blow, vacuum, and dust in one go with all your rechargeable appliances charging. 2 in 1 Design: One Device or Three Individual Functions, Unique Detachable Design. 6000mAH Power Bank: powerful suction and long use time, Ideal for cleaning keyboards of PC, laptop and etc.

It can be used in many ways.

  • 1. Wireless air duster can be used as a mouse; you can use it to clean your car, furniture, and computer keyboard;
  • 2. By the shape, it can be said that it is a miniature hand vacuum cleaner; you can use it to clean on your own e-cigarette and cell phone ;
  • 3. You can also charge your cell phone with an adapter through the micro USB port;
  • 4. This product also has suction cups for phones or other small size wireless products.

Be amazed by this mini cleaning device, a handheld vacuum that can clean keyboards, small room and car interiors, PC monitors, and more! With a press of a button, the power is on. With 6000mAh battery capacity and USB charging port, you can now clean with ease.

Our newest innovation

Mini keyboard cleaner and air duster, which is powerful to keep our computer and working area clean always. With a tiny size, it is like carrying an extra hand wherever you go or wait. We use a 6000mAh high capacity battery in this product. In the meantime, double accessories and portable design will make it become your best ally.

Your PC is an extension of you – your most reliable tool for work, relaxation, for entertainment. But if it’s covered in dust and grime, you’re missing out on so much potential. Eliminate grime from your keyboard with the Mini Keyboard Cleaner. The rechargeable Mini Keyboard Cleaner gives you 45000 RPM to wipe away dirt and dust with ease. Just fill it up with air, plug it in and blow away your keyboard’s gunk!



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