Matrix Mouse Pad Mousepad Rubber Big Matrix Binary Code Computer 350x600x2mm

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Matrix Mouse Pad

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The coolest gamer pad around

This epic 350x600x2mm, rubberized, anti-slip mat has your favorite game: a big binary code! It’s for gamers who’ve gone pro and ar since used it in 1s and 0s. Great for quick mouse moves and precision.

Remember when skill and knowledge were the keys to winning? Remember when you had to use a mouse to hit your enemies instead of just clicking with a joystick? If the answer is yes, get ready to be amazed by Binary Code’s new Gaming Mouse Pad. Our high-end gaming mouse pad will increase your aiming speed up to 300% while at the same time keeping your hands relaxed and supple. The soft woolen fabric of this mouse pad will keep you comfortable during long night sessions. Use it for gripping or lean on it as you watch your favorite movie. Since it’s 350x600x2mm, it allows you to stretch out. The rubber base ensures that it won’t slip no matter what surface your game is on!

Hard Quality Thick High-Quality Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

Fast gaming mouse pad with a perfect finish that provides flawless movement control and ultimate gliding speed; made of double-sided polyester material, and it’s very durable, you can play games as much as you want! XXL Ultra Large 350x600x2mm matte surface and the highest quality fabric allow smooth mouse travel.

Maintain total control over your game with this big 350x600x2mm computer mouse pad – a complete control center with an anti-slip rubber base. The bottom surface is an enlarged graphical table with space for different optical and laser sensors and color-coded areas depending on sensitivity settings. 5 mm thick rubber ensures that the mousepad stays in place even if you’re an enthusiastic gamer. The package contains 1 x Big mousepad, 1 x Wrist rest.

This mouse pad is designed for heavy-duty gaming.

Made of 2mm thick premium material, which emits a metallic luster and beautiful color. With a surface size of 350x600x2mm, there are also keyboard or laptop keyboard keys on the right edge, an essential tool for gamers to bypass the existing barrier between gamepad and mouse!

High-quality wrist rest gaming mousepad, made with the highest grade of materials. 350x600x2mm size for maximum gaming comfort and wrist support. The surface is very smooth & controllable for all types of mice. The advanced rubber base prevents the pad from sliding.

Enjoy your wonderful life with this Big Gaming Mouse Pad.

It is a perfect gift and surprises you when you get it; you will have a good time and a great experience with the Computer Keyboard Mat. Approximate Size: 350x600x2mm

Your one-stop-shop for high-quality gaming mouse pads! Your premium quality, extremely large pc gaming mouse pad, in a stunning and luxuriously detailed design! A tournament-sized mat measuring around 30 x 20 inches, with a thickness of 1/8 an inch, gives you the edge for your next game. No more fighting with your mouse over territory on your normal-sized pc mat! This mat is specifically made for gamers enabling you to have more space to move and thus an enhanced gaming experience. This rubber-backed anti-slip gaming mat has a smooth cloth top for your gaming mouse to glide on and comes complete with fully stitched edges to prevent fraying and peeling of the mat.

These unique gaming mouse pads

Boast a rubberized nonslip backing. This allows you to use your mouse on any surface and stay in control while sniping. Every gaming mouse pad is a durable fabric with an anti-fraying stitched frame. Every detail was meticulously designed to be the best gaming mouse pad for gameplay!

When you purchase your gaming desktop, the last thing you would want is to set up a less than optimized gaming environment. It can help your whole team use their advantages to the fullest extent and win a game! It’s a must-have!

Fashionable and high-quality mouse pad

Not only used for a gift or decoration but also can make your office desk more beautiful. Your life is busy; why don’t you give yourself or your loved ones a little enjoyment?

SESSION Mouse Pad Gamer Gaming Mousepad xxl 350x600x2mm Rubber Big Matrix Binary Code Computer Keyboard Mats Laptop Pad Play Mat For CSGO. Material: Rubber …

Our mouse pad gamer is an xxl gaming mat with dimensions of 350x600x2mm. You can play all types of computer games on it, not only CS: GO and Dota 2. The size of our mousepad gamer fits large gaming keyboards such as the Razer Blackwidow Chroma and really large laptops.

The world’s first gaming mouse pad

From your company, to provide a high-quality performance experience and meet the needs of professional players. A small water lift edge design and waterproof effect are good choices for games. The viscous fluid is designed to the work process’s surface with the comfortable control’s binary code. The product is Microsoft Windows compatible. It has a size of 350x600x2mm, which is big enough for most keyboard characters and super stable on wood or other smooth surfaces.

Made with 3mm thick, high-quality rubber and 350x600x2mm big size, this mouse pad is the best choice for gamers, especially shooters game players. The surface was processed by special high-tech printing and never faded.

This is a great, big, and heavy mousepad.

With a rubber back to stop it from sliding around on your desk. Ideal size for all gamers, whether using a standard style mouse or a large gaming mouse. Great for the standard computer user, big mat to have both hands working together on the keyboard without running out of room. A nice gift for the computer gamer in your life.

When gaming, you want to keep your focus on the screen and not on a sweaty palm. Easy to wash, a nonslip rubber base keeps the pad in place while playing. The perfect gift for any gamer or someone who spends long hours at the computer or who likes a unique, stylish pad. A high-quality anti-scratch and waterproof mat will last for years.

Gaming mousepads come in all shapes. 

A super gaming rubber pad that is dreamed of by all gamers built with a nonslip rubber base and a large 350x600x2mm

This Mouse Pad is ideal for gamers, with the ability to hold a solid grip on your mouse and key bindings.

Gamers, computer geeks, casual users who use computers and laptops for heavy purposes, those who play and watch games or stream movies on the computer, etc. A good gift to DIY people.

Big gaming mouse pad 350x600x2mm with rubber backing for extra stability

High-quality construction and materials make the Gaming Mousepad excellent for control and durability. The back is nonslip, which guarantees good performance even when playing intense or fast games. High precision tracking, good speed, movement speed, and accuracy on all types of surfaces. The ideal choice for gamers where performance matters.

Genuine gamer gaming mouse pad, soft and elastic, anti-slip. 350x600x2mm, durable large size, color optional. Suitable for personal game operation and home game operation, especially for CSGO fans. Please use the key to operation press the cabinet spring system control to open the lid, and then you can use it in good condition when you need.

This mouse pad is a large 350x600x2mm and is made of high-quality rubber. It will not light, smell, or fade away even in long-term usage. Much thicker than the normal pad to avoid friction with the surface. We use very durable silk printed process to avoid peeling paint. So it can work more smoothly. It’s designed for gamers who want extra control when playing games that require fast reaction speeds and frequent direction changes; and for those who want to design their table!

Give your mouse a place to call home.

The Gamer Gaming Mousepad features an unrivaled gaming surface built to maximize your glide and lift-off speed. You will be able to fly across the battlefield or arc across the skies with precision and control. This high-quality mousepad is made from nonslip rubber and will make for a long-lasting companion. Whether on your desktop rig or mobile device, this extra-large mouse pad will provide enhanced usability giving you the tactical advantage against your competition. This product is compatible with all gaming surfaces and devices, including High-End Gaming Rigs, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2… etc. Use it as a mouse pad, wrist rest, or simply as decoration in any space around you!”

The best gift for both professional gamers and business people. Made from the highest quality materials to ensure your mouse glides across the pad like an angel. Rubber back to prevent slipping and sliding. High-quality design and printing to prevent peeling or fading! Make your PC gaming station complete with our game mat.

Made of high-quality rubber silicone

Unlike the petroleum-based plastic laminates used in many products, this mouse pad will be a great finely textured, functional, and beautiful accessory for your desk. This mouse pad offers you great comfort and flexibility. Whether playing games, working, or surfing the internet, it is the perfect mat for your laptop’s desk.

The perfect mouse pad for gamers features a low friction surface for ultra-smooth mouse movements. Designed specifically for high-end gaming sensors and gamers that have become accustomed to precise tracking, accuracy, and high speed.


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