Led Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Repellent Lamp Portable USB Trap

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Led Mosquito Killer Lamp

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The most robust and most advanced mosquito killer

That consists of an LED, UV mosquito killer lamp, and a rechargeable USB battery. The lightweight, portable, and easy to operate Lamp attracts mosquitoes and insects during the night with its ultra-efficient UV light but doesn’t use any chemicals or sprays. It can also be used during the day as a high-quality and aesthetic Lamp for your houses and gardens.

An electronic mosquito killer that can effectively reduce mosquito population with high quality and long operating time. It uses High-Power 365nm wavelength ultraviolet ray tube to attract mosquitoes and Electronic ballast to generate lamp lighting once the unit is powered on. Mosquitos will be killed within 6 square meters of coverage in the light zone. The UV 3RK has a built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging port, convenient to use anywhere. It contains LED UV Light instead of the usual fluorescent Lamp, so it can continue lighting while electric power plugged on; and will not flicker when electric power is off.

Lure attracts and kills mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying insects.

With this high-power LED light. It protects you against bites in the comfort of your own home, and it effectively works on pests like bedbugs, flies, moths, roaches, wasps, fruit flies, and more!

Don’t let those pesky insects ruin your summer barbecue! This Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp can be used indoors and outdoors; it emits a high–powers ultraviolet light and a harmless but highly effective mosquito repellent, keeping them 100% away from you. It will leave a non-toxic, odorless gas that is harmless to humans but lethal to annoying bugs.

Take an easy step, just one push and all the flies stuck in the trap, no begging!

Working modes: on/off way when it works without any light or when it works with light that can’t kill bees. Works as a high-quality fly zapper, insect zapper to zap flies also.

This is a must-have to make sure you sleep well through the night. This device will quickly and efficiently attract, trap and kill most flying pests, including mosquitoes and other insects that can disturb the peace in your home or office.

Electric Mosquito Killer is an innovative home product to be used.

It uses the mosquito’s weak biological characteristics, attracting mosquitoes by emitting carbon dioxide and then killing mosquitoes by using the high-voltage charge at the end of the mosquito trap. With high light intensity and wavelength that is similar to that emitted by animal’s body to avoid affecting humans; Different with other insect killers equal to incandescent Lamp, when using this product, there is no need to replace the Lamp, save time and money!

For The Weekends by the pool or camping next to the lake

Your yard and your leisure time are incomplete without a Fly Killer. It’s summertime, and mosquitoes are everywhere. Say yes to outdoor activities! Say no to painful, itchy bug bites! Keep pesky bugs away with our electric mosquito killer Lamp that uses the power of UV light to attract and trap most biting insects.

With no insecticidal smell and aesthetic design, a high bright UV lamp attracts mosquitoes, flies, and other small insects directly into the bag. Place this Fly Bug Killer everywhere you need mosquito repellent or insect control, such as outside on the porch, deck, or yard, near the fishpond or birdbath. Powered by 4 pieces standard AA battery(not included), no cord for easier installation. Works for indoor&outdoor.

LED UV Black Light Mosquito Killer Lamp

Let your family enjoy the outside without the worry of getting bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest insects responsible for spreading a large number of fatal infections. No worries, our insect trap will protect you against bugs.

Catch those sucker bugs with the revolutionary Mosquito Killer Light! Now you can enjoy your backyard without having to swat away buzzing pests. These silent and sleek devices are virtually undetectable for mosquitoes, ants, roaches – anything that flies, stings, or bites! If you’re constantly swatting out at fruit flies or other gross insects, stick one in your kitchen.


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