Heat Waist Trimmer Belt Women’s Heat Trapping Waist Trainer Body Shaper

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Heat Waist Trimmer Belt

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Slimming Waist Trainer

Body Shaper Belt for Tummy Weight Loss Quicker Metabolic Rate – Our Women’s Heat-trapping Waist Trainer Body Shaper Belt is created with an INNER LAYER infused with HEAT TRAPPING POLYMER. It helps to retain body heat while raising your core body temperature to help you burn more calories. Instantly slimming down in appearance, Increase your body temperature by increasing sweat by up to 80%. The waist trainer corset belt is designed in a way to provide you support and firm control of the tummy and, back & abdominal area, which prevents rolls or bulges.

The HeatTrapping™ Belt is a waist trimmer belt made with our patented Thermo-Sweat material to promote sweating while retaining and reflecting your natural body heat. It is designed to contour & shape your tummy using built-in boning, with the additional benefit of posture support and lumbar back support. A smooth design makes this invisible under clothing. This is a waist trainer belt in every sense of the word, offering three levels of firming compression on the midsection for an hourglass effect as well as improved confidence throughout the day.

Designed with a wide elastic band

Covers the abdominal area, this comfortable waist trainer belt will heat trap and release excess body heat to help your body sweat faster. This thermal compression belly wrap can be worn under or over clothing to help you lose water weight around the waistline. The soft front Velcro closure is designed for an adjustable fit and provides comfortable wear.

Shapewear for Women, This polymer waist tight is perfect for any athletic activity. Works great for running, cycling, or just daily use. The waist trainer will fit your body and shape your waist as you want. Our trimmer waist trainer band is designed to increase sweating and accelerate the belly fat burning process during exercise.

The women’s thermogenic high waist trainer

It is great for enhancing thermal activity, aiding in weight loss, and slimming your stomach. The trimmer belt also helps you sweat more with its internal texture, which also repels moisture absorption.

Introducing a super-comfy and totally effective Heat Waist Trimmer Belt. With its inner lining made from non-slip latex polymer, this trainer is designed to stretch and mold to your body in all the right places. The clever design features thermogenic heat traction that traps sweat during workouts to help you burn more calories and lose water weight fast. Adjustable Velcro closure allows for custom fit and sizing. This waist trimmer belt comes complete with adjustable Velcro closure for a snug-fitting around the midsection of your body. It is available in two designs, one being plain while the other has two zipper pockets on each side.

Made of latex-free neoprene, flexible and durable

And is designed for fitness along the sides and stomach. To increase thermal activity, burn fat, lose weight, and clean toxins.

The belt is made of elastic neoprene that creates sauna-like Heat in your core area, increasing sweat and helping to shed water weight during exercise. It’ll allow you to lose inches temporarily through sweating. As the most important feature, the waist trimmer can help retain therapeutic Heat for your lower back during yoga or other fitness activities. The waist trimmer belt is adjustable, comfortable, and lightweight, and its metal closure will double down on more effective workout results. It helps to reduce swelling, aids in pain reduction, and also supports working out. It’s a great gift for yourself or friends/families!

Lose inches and burn fat with this body-shaping weight loss workout belt. The contoured and flexible neoprene material creates a sauna effect that is sure to make you sweat! The waist trimmer will stimulate water loss during your workouts to help you get a slimmer waistline or perfect hourglass figure.

Helps to burn tummy axunge, leaning waist training

Cincher Trainer Vest can be worn while exercising or can even be used daily to go to work, school, or just running errands. The compression built around the midsection corrects posture and boosts fat burn while standing or sitting during work. It also expedites calorie burning process and offers great results when worn during workout fitness exercise.

Natural, Comfortable, and Effective Way to Slim Your Waist. Flywire’s Body Shaper Belt is designed to target your midsection where you want it most! The Heat-trapping Waist Trainer Belt gives you a smooth contoured appearance in seconds, giving you a more beautiful hourglass shape. Fabrics: Polymer+ Spandex + Nylon + Polyester;3-layer Fabric 3D laser technology design and manufacture; Innovative fiber blend for maximum tummy, hip, and thigh control.

Instantly transform your body shape into a sleek hourglass.

Silhouette with our patent-pending Heat technology. This body shaping cincher waist trainer helps you maintain a healthy posture while it tones and firms your abdominal section and back. Designed with four adjustable hooks and eye closures in the front, this shapewear corset waist trainer also provides support through its strong elastic band design. With four flexible, non-slip silicone inserts to provide soft, comfortable wear, this shaper belt was engineered to last.

The Heat Waist Trimmer Belt is designed to slim down your waist while it strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles. This slimming cincher provides medium-high heat retention thanks to its exclusive comfortable and breathable mesh lining. The powerful thermal resistant polymer material fits closely against the skin, promoting fat loss and providing thermal activity, achieving incredible results in short amounts of time. Wearing this shaper belt multiple days in a row will result in a more sleek and attractive body.

Do you want to wear shapewear but are concerned about its “ideal” size? It is hard for women with different body shapes to come out from under their own clothes. Waist Trainer Belt can help you by creating a non-slippery compression effect, making you look smaller and more attractive. It is comfortable because the material is long-lasting and breathes freely against your skin. You are safe because it has elastic materials, giving you enough stretch to put it on with ease. You will enjoy the effect of slimming when wearing this waist cincher. So what are you waiting for? Please go get one for yourself!

Feel confident at your next special event

In this tight trimming, tummy controlling waist training corset is best for hourglass and pear-shaped body types. Designed with a hidden zipper and two buckles upfront. Made of high-quality Nylon and spandex material that is both smooth and silky for skin comfort to help you look slim and feel confident. Help reduce the risks of varicose veins, promote healthy digestion and improve posture.

Heat your body in seconds with the Heat Waist Trimmer Belt. This lightweight, durable and fashionable waist trainer is made of high-quality fabric to fit comfortably under your clothes without bunching up or showing through. The polymer heat panels, in combination with their elastic properties, will help you feel warm and relieve coldness as well as help to increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

The Heat Waist is unique in appearance and purpose. The design is made to help you burn more calories while you’re active and increase your metabolism with the ability to trap your body heat. Trapping your body heat helps ignite the fat-burning process. Also, with the adjustable Velcro closure system, this waist trainer can be a custom fit for you and your everyday needs.

Our Heat Waist Trimmer Belt is ideal for a smooth and slimmer silhouette.

Even the slightest pressure can reshape your body into that desired hourglass figure. The waist trimmer stays in place and is comfortable to wear throughout the day as you can wear it under or over your clothes. It helps to reach that balanced, lifted, and proportionate shape we all desire while performing daily activities and workouts

Let’s face it, ladies…how often have you sacrificed your waist by wearing that tight outfit or outfit you loved only to find the waist was “flared”… Heat Waist is the solution!

Helps you lose inches from the waist. It aids in decreasing fat and removing toxins from your body. Watch those unwanted pounds go away as you enjoy your favorite jeans and slimming pants again. Also, helps to reduce cellulite as it collects toxins and prevents them from building up in the body.

Get the body you always wanted with

This women’s heat-trapping waist trainer from AIYOUMEI. Durable, comfortable, and easy to wear, our waist shaper belt will help you slim down with a smoother, flatter tummy and slimmer looking back. Provides excellent body shaping for all-over toning, lifting, and firming results.

Body shaper technology makes this waist trainer corset uniquely different. With its temperature-resistant polymer fabric, it keeps you warm when out in the cold and cool when it’s hot outside. It also has a unique thermal regulating feature that prevents perspiration from wetting your clothes. The special coating on its inner surface traps Heat to burn extra calories without interfering with your body’s natural cooling process. The heat Waist Trimmer Belt is made of 100% latex-free materials and is washable and reusable.

Shapewear is essential for all women’s closets.

Because it helps shape the body and slim the waistline. This black high-waist trimmer waist trainer belt is also a must-have item to hide and smooth out your postpartum belly, back fat, love handles, muffin top, or loose skin. The Heat Waist Trimmer Belt is made of high elasticity fabrics to help you lose weight, burn fat, and post-pregnancy belly. Moreover, this belt is built in 20 waist sizes from 26 inches up to 46 inches.

This waist trainer from Heat is specifically designed to mold your waistline and give you the desired hourglass figure that you’ve always wanted. It is made from top-quality materials, has three hook-and-eye closures for extra support, and is designed with a seamless back that provides a truly comfortable fit. The Heat Waist Trimmer Belt is an excellent choice for both athletes and obese individuals who wish to improve their workout performance as well as dietary health.

The secret to a perfect hourglass or waist has it taut.

Strong core muscles. These muscles are the body’s natural response to weight training and compression. Perfect for wearing anytime to enhance a sleek, toned physique. Our heat-trapping fabric acts as an insulator by naturally attracting and retaining Heat, making it a great piece of outerwear that keeps you warm during frigid temperatures but also makes you sweat when worn as an inner garment! Inner Exerciser Pocket Including 3 Silicone Rubber Black Bands and 3 PCS 20mm Diameter Silicone Red Bands for Abdominal Muscle Training, Lower Back Trimming, Waist Training.

The heat Waist Trimmer Belt is a combination of functionality and fashionable design. It contains polymer material that can cling to your body and make your waist flat in a short period of time.

Get rid of the muffin top, roll, and bulges with this Waist Trainer.

Made from soft stretch fabric material, the waist trainer gradually helps you shape your body by increasing blood circulation around the mid-section of your cheeks, abdomen, back, and sides. You would feel more confident with your flat belly!

The Heat Waist Trimmer is the latest technology in waist shapers and features a comfortable tri-panel design to help you start seeing results faster while trimming, slimming, and shaping your waistline. Made of quality nylon support fabric and hypoallergenic silicone gel strips, this waist trimmer is actually extremely comfortable to wear as it helps you lose weight.

Say goodbye to bulging waistlines. An exclusive combination of Tummy Control Compression and supportive fabric gently stretches your abdominal and waistline area to create a slimmer appearance without dieting.



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