Charging Mouse Pad Qi Wireless Charger Charging Mouse Pad 280×220

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Charging Mouse Pad

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What’s special about this mobile phone’s wireless charging mouse pads?

  • The Qi wireless charging mobile phone accessories applies to iPhone X/8 Plus, Samsung S8 Plus /Note 8, and so on. Overcharge protection and over current protection for your safety; —the wireless charger wireless mouse pad adopts powerful induction charging technology, fast charge, two times faster than a normal one, the effect can match the original device of original power;
  • the wireless charger has a simple operation, just put your phone on the wireless charging mouse pad, and then it can start charging. You can use your phone as usual by using this qi wireless charging mouse pad.
  • It also supports anti-electromagnetic radiation function to protect human health and environmental protection; It has multiple designs that match your taste and color desires.
  • A Premium Quality 100% Genuine Leather, Customized and Stylish design Mouse Pad – Easy to Use, Official Wireless Charger for iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus /Samsung Note 8 S8

This Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is a perfect home or office.

Wireless charger for Qi-Enabled smartphones. When the Qi standard device is set onto the charger, a strong magnetic field is generated, causing electrons in the battery to flow and thus charge your phone. The top of the mouse pad houses an embedded high-quality magnet, which is embedded within a PU leather layer attached to a single PCB board. The topside of the mouse pad has been finished with Matte PU Leather for an elegant appearance and soft-touch feel. Bottom side of the mouse pad has been finished with high-quality anti-slip rubber for a secure grip on every surface (e.g., desktop and kitchen cabinets).

This innovative wireless charging pad is specially designed for both mobile phones and mobile devices, no need for a special phone cover on your phone. Fully protect your new iPhone X/8 Plus (not included), Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and other Qi cordless device from scratch and damage.

Receive faster charging and protect your phone from scratches with this wireless charger. It is designed with fast charge 2.0, compatible with QI-enabled devices, such as iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6S Plus/6S/6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Note 8.

Full of mysteries of technology

An intelligent charging mouse pad comes with a built-in wireless charging receiver, but keep it not in the phone pocket. By setting the mobile phone placing on the mouse pad, you can begin charging your phone. It is so surprising to find the truth about wireless charging!

Our wireless charging products ensure your device is always charged and ready to go. We have wireless charging accessories for all the latest devices like Apple iphone 8 plus / note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note8 / S8, S8 Plus, Google Nexus. Our wireless charging mat comes in High-Quality PU leather, made with highly qualified imported leather material, which can be repeatedly used without depreciation.

Protect your iPhone/Samsung phone/PAD with this ultra-thin, high-quality Mouse Pad, which features a powerful wireless charging function. No longer worry about the problem that your mouse pad doesn’t charge at night. And it is convenient to use your mouse pad as a cell phone stand in the office and home.

Feeling tired of the old wired charging.

Want to have some fun in life? Here is our Phone’s wireless charging pad. It is made of high-quality green leather and advanced magnetic induction technology. It’s easy to use and convenient to carry. Never worry about the urgent need to charge your cellphone on different occasions. Just put your cell phone on this pad without even taking it out of your bag, backpack, or pocket before putting it down, and then you can charge. It must be really a cool thing that no one can imagine, also a very useful product for all of us.

Make your cell phone smarter and more intelligent by using this Auto-Conversion Wireless Charger, as it offers you a 50% charged mobile battery for your Smartphone. It has a special mat that turns charging into an effortless home experience. It is extremely simple to use with no plugging cables or buttons, an ideal solution for busy lifestyles where time is the essence.

Qi Charger for iPhone X/8 Plus Samsung S8 Plus /Note 8. Ideal for business travel or other busy time, like meetings and on a plane, etc.

Our charger mouse pad is made using 100% genuine leather; the surface of this mouse pad is comfortable to use. It can be used as a wireless charger and charge your smartphone fast anytime, anywhere. Suitable for all QI standards works with iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus/Galaxy S8 Plus (Note 8) and more.

Faraday cage to prevent magnetic radiation

Qi wireless charging can work through. Absorb the phone directly in conjunction with the use of protective equipment. The charging efficiency is more stable, will not heat, intelligent protection chip for mobile phone safety. you can wirelessly charge your mobile device just by placing it on this mouse pad, then keep using your computer as usual. So it’s a great idea for the integrated product between mouse pad and wireless charger.

Charge your phone with the mouse pad while working. Just put our mobile phone on the mouse pad; the mouse pad will charge it automatically. Convenient and fashionable.

The product is a multi-purpose mobile phone stand and wireless charger suitable for all Qi-enabled devices. Built-in 2 USB ports support 2A output of charging totaly. And the upper part is made of environmentally friendly PU leather, and the bottom part is made of high-quality ABS. With a large smooth surface, this mouse pad can accommodate your laptop, keyboard, or notebook comfortably.

Replace your old mousepad with a smartphone quick charge pad

Keep working while charging, vertical or horizontal viewing available, humanized mouse design to keep the quick charger more stable.

PU leather and metal plate, simultaneously charge the phone, can also use the mouse pad, beautiful appearance, fashion atmosphere;

This mobile phone wireless charger has three coils and supports fast charging transfer up to 15W, 1.4 times faster than a standard wireless charger.

The best price for a charging pad online. Very convenient to charge your phone; it not only can be used at the office but also when you are at home. It’s the best partner for your phone if you have this one.

Wireless charger, fast charging

No need to plug in and unplug the phone. It can even charge through the phone case.

This desk blotter protector pad mat can protect your glass/wooden desktop from scratches, stains, and spills. It also gives your office a modern and professional at the same time; it comes with a leather side to enable you to use your mouse or have a rest comfortably. It’s widely compatible with most phones and devices.

PU Leather Wireless Charger Mouse Pad Smartphone with Built-in Wireless Charging Coil Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charger Mouse Pad for iPhone X/8 Plus Samsung S8 Plus /Note 8

This QI wireless charger mouse pad can be regarded as a Qi wireless charger.

When powering on the wireless charging device, the phone or devices can be charged by placing the back of the phone or device on the wireless charging mouse pad without the use of data cables. Use this product to charge your Qi-compatible electronic device at full speed wirelessly. It supports Phone X/8 Plus, Samsung S8 Plus /Note 8, and other models that support QI wireless charging standards (QI protocol).

The Mobile Phone Qi Wireless Charger Charging Mouse Pad Mat is a charging pad designed for better mouse control. The pad is PU Leather with a gel outside and a smooth surface on the inside of the pad to allow for easier mouse control and for more accurate mouse movement.

An advanced wireless charger with a charging mouse pad

This leather Wireless Charger Mouse Pad features a LEATHER CHARGING SURFACE, With PROTECTIVE LEATHER SURFACE, with a USB cable, with LED indicator lights; easy to use and has a long life.

Wireless charger compatible with a mobile phone; Wide compatibility, can support most of the Qi standard receiver mobile phone.

To be the best, you have to have the best. That is the idea behind our wireless charger. It doesn’t just charge wirelessly; it also gives you a fast charge. This device allows you to sleep comfortably at night, knowing that your phone will be charged in the morning for whatever lies ahead! When wireless charging was announced by Apple and Samsung, there were some doubts about how fast it could charge. You can rest easy with this product because it comes with a charging speed of 1 or 2 amps, depending on which iPhone or Android flagship you own.

With this smart wireless charger with this intelligent technology, the power will cut off when your phone is fully charged and resume charging once its battery power is under 70%. It is safe


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