87 Key Gaming Keyboard Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Blue Red Switch

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87 Key Gaming Keyboard

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Follow your every command.

By using the RGB/Mix Wired Gaming Keyboard. It features a mechanical Blue, red switch design, and it has 87 keys of rollover that are enabled with anti-ghosting features. It comes with an anti-slip rubberized base, a solid structural frame made of steel, and an anodized brushed aluminum front plate, making it comfortable to use for long durations of time. The keystroke is 1mm, which gives you a fast and responsive feeling that is crucial when playing. Always ready for the next challenge, you can be prepared to be successful!

This is a Red/Blue Switch Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with 87 keys for Windows computers. With high-end materials and the latest technology, it provides an effortless response and quick clicks, and a satisfying. Keycaps are thicker than standard keycaps, which will stop the cracks in the keycaps or fade with time.

Meet the most individual demands

The blue mechanical key switch requires a force of 50 G key switch force and a lifespan of 50 million press to ensure optimal performance. The RGB backlit can provide the user to choose from 16.8 million RGB colors, with seven options for color: Full Backlit Breathing Color Cycling, Single color Rainbow, CPU monitor mode, and shining Enter.

This gaming mechanical keyboard is constructed using zinc alloy with red and blue switches, which are durable and easy to use. Enjoy the quality of life whether you’re working or playing at home.

The Key Gaming Keyboard Key Gaming Keyboard incorporates a newly developed mechanical blue, red switch to give you a fantastic gaming experience.

Have you ever thought that gaming keyboards are somewhat difficult to find a keyboard that is compatible with your tastes?

The 87 Key RGB comes with a lovely red backlight as well as a cool blue switch, providing users with a simple and elegant design that looks classy. With its responsiveness and high-quality gaming experience, it can provide you with a brand new experience in gaming!

Be ready for some satisfying keyboard strokes using this 87-key gaming keyboard. This elegant mechanical gaming keyboard comes with red and blue switches that are optimized to be used for gaming and typing, for example. A built-in wrist rest will let gamers play for hours comfortably. The RGB lighting emphasizes your keys while you type. There are six modes of lighting that you can change the settings according to your mood.

A simple design

It is comprised of it has 87 keys that use the typical US layout, and it has 87 keys with a standard US layout. The backlight control is situated in the upper-right corner, below the Esc key, which is easy to use. Four different lighting modes are accessible, including Full On, Breathing RGB Cycle RGB Static. There are four colors to choose from, White, Red, Blue, Brightness, and Blue. All of these can be changed at any time.

The gaming keyboard with mechanical technology is specifically designed for professional gamers through G&ADJ attune. Keys have a strong and acoustic click. RGB backlights add color to your life. One is the key to all modes. It provides vibrant, vibrant backlighting effects that last for a long time and durable illumination. Keycaps are laser-etched to stop rubbing off or fading and are the ideal keyboard for long-lasting durability and comfortable!

This 87-Key Mechanical keyboard is our most suitable choice for gamers as well as typing enthusiasts.

You’ll enjoy an experience that is analog, with amazing backlit effects and silent mechanical keys on this customized keyboard. The keyboard gives you the best gaming experience by using mechanical switches, unique key lighting, and unique function keys that allow you to get better performance than the rest. You’ll be awestruck by its outstanding performance as a gaming keyboard.

The Pok3r RGB is a top mechanical gaming keyboard that has the true N-key rollover. It features a sleek aluminum casing and four layers of film that glow. The Pok3r RGB offers a pleasant and satisfying gaming experience. With an array of lighting presets and complete keymap support, you’ll be capable of customizing each key to suit your preferences.

This gaming keyboard is equipped with mechanical switches that are durable, blue and red switches.

To give you a fantastic to give you the best typing experience. With three levels of adjustable LED backlights, The keyboard’s 87 keys’ RGB backlight provides stunning and distinct light effects. A full anti-ghosting system with a 20 million keystroke test guarantees the long longevity of the keyboard. The intelligent design that saves time allows for easy transport and does not take up the entire space of your desk.

Take advantage of the Qisan Gaming 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard. It’s a brand-new RGB keyboard with backlighting. It’s designed specifically for professionals who play games and features twelve mechanical switches to give you the best gaming experience. Every switch gives you smooth, quiet feedback to ensure quick precision and more clicks for precise typing. Utilize six backlight colors to customize your look while you play games or work on your laptop or computer in the dark.

The durable and high-quality mechanical keyboard for gaming with 87 keys.

The sleek design and seamless appearance of seamless keyboard appearance are elegant. The high-end backlighting with four levels can be adjusted to the color you prefer. The top-quality material helps to make the light more comfortable and more comfortable. Enhance your gaming experience by making it even more exciting and captivating!

Kailh Blue red switches constitute the newest version of mechanical switches. Each function that is present in Kailh Blue red switch can be transferred to the current standard Cherry MX red Switch, but every function has been enhanced.

Set the bar higher with a gaming keyboard. The new onboard memory feature saves your settings and helps you avoid having to set all of your settings every time you switch computers. Meanwhile, everything else remains the same. This is ideal for moving between home and work, or even when you are on the move!

Have a premium gaming keyboard

Using the CM with the Storm QuickFire Stealth mechanical gaming keyboard. Keys that are extremely responsive and tactile are enhanced by a stunning high-definition, backlit LCD that provides the most beautiful and bright experience of your games. The 87-key mechanical keyboard is a sturdy base with a premium, high-end design, the feel, sound, and performance that is ideal for today’s committed gamers. Combine that with the convenience of media control hotkeys, and you’ve got the perfect combination.

Built for performance and durability, This keyboard comes with an entirely mechanical key-switch design, as well as reliable anti-ghosting functions to provide the best gaming experience. The software suite is robust and offers advanced customization options as well as sophisticated lighting effects, with amazing animated pulsations and captivating animation. With its lightweight, compact design and ergonomic layout, this keyboard is the ideal accessory for those who travel frequently.

The mechanical keyboard with 87 keys is designed to be used in games.

It is perfect for professionals and lets gamers take full control of their gaming which gives you the chance to enjoy it to its highest degree!

EKEE The 87-key Mechanical Keyboard is the best product that was created and designed through the Ekee Technology R&D department and professional designers. It comes with a chic RGB backlight that has a variety of light effects, a high anti-ghosting capacity that can be as high as 20 keys with 87 standard keys, and six keys that are multimedia.

The sturdy design and robust interior design of this high-end gaming keyboard withstand the wear and tear of the intense game. It comes with a variety of functions, including APG anti-slip, anti-slip double shock, detonation proof, and crack proofing features to suit the most avid gamers.

If you’re a gamer or an office employee who needs an upgrade

This keyboard’s 87 Key Red LED backlit mechanical keyboard will amaze you. It has gorgeous LED-backlit keys, with a unique floating key and an easily detachable magnetically-detachable gaming palm rest for comfortable gaming. The anti-ghosting feature ensures the accuracy of commands, even when several keys are used, and the metal body construction is a long-lasting solution that can stand up to long hours of intensive typing or gaming.

This gaming mechanical keyboard was created to cater to gamers’ requirements for more control and greater mechanical feedback than the traditional dome switch keyboard.

A special edition designed specifically to be used by Gamer

The Cool 87 Key Gaming Keyboard makes use of the highest quality components to ensure the quality of the gaming experience, its durability, and LED’s long-lasting light-time. The keys of this keyboard are made out of ABS. With an age-resistant and waterproof feature, this keyboard is very durable for everyday use. The durable gold contacts are utilized on the interface. The WASD/arrow keys are specially designed to prevent ghosting. This ergonomically designed handpiece is constructed of high-quality plastics, which provide the user with a comfortable grip while being a stand to provide greater ease of use. The top-quality POM keys are tested to last as long as 60 million strokes. This means they are able to be used quicker and for longer as compared to other switches. This makes typing more enjoyable and makes almost no noise when you press a key. The mechanical keyboard is waterproof. Make sure not to spill anything on it when using it outdoors or in any other place where it is exposed to moisture.

Modern RGB backlights: They’re constructed of ABS that is top-quality and are not damaged or bent. The keyboard comes with multi-color backlight keycaps, as well as a luxury design that makes it a favorite among gamers.

It features 87 keys, as well as tiny mechanical switches.

This gaming keyboard has been designed to deliver performance. Custom-designed keys are made to allow quick command entry and make it among the most efficient keyboards currently available. You can also see every key with glowing white LEDs – including your most essential WASD and the arrow keys. It’s made with quality that you can feel in each move and has features you’ll appreciate every time you use it.

This mechanical gaming keyboard is made to appeal to gamers and Geeks who love gaming. It is equipped with the latest mechanical switch as well as RGB backlit.

Are you in search of an incredible keyboard?

This gaming-grade mechanical keyboard was designed for gamers who are hardcore and fans of high performance, who are looking for endless fun, high-speed responses, and their classic feeling. With a dependable two-year warranty, you’ll never be worried about any issue.

Set your sights, Get your adrenaline pumping, and conquer Nature’s forces using our most efficient gaming keyboards today.

Invoking the timeless mystery of Nature’s opposing forces, The Predator Orion Spark Gaming keyboard is a great choice for gamers who want a stylish and bold design. A fresh and clean version of Predator’s iconic design. Predator brand’s iconic design, the sleek, ergonomic chassis, stands out from previous models by its sleek aesthetics and slack-jawed appearance. 


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